Ripple6, Cloud Communities, and the Future of Social Media

Creating Productive and Coordinated Social Media Communities

Lewis Green highlights Ripple6’s new online push toward Cloud Communities:

“They saw a social media platform that uniquely serves the needs of all three main constituents: End Users, Advertisers, and Publishers” Kim says. “One of the ways I think about this is that generally media and publishing companies have had to pay attention to a shift from providing entertainment and information only to instead acting as a host of their services.

Their viewers and readers want to talk to other viewers and readers. Therefore, social media companies become a facilitator. Then we complete the circle of publishers, advertisers and consumers. As the interaction changes on the web, they (the providers of information and entertainment) will need to find value for their advertisers.”

And then my bell rang. We spend so much time talking about social media tools and so little time thinking about objectives, goals and strategies that we seem stuck in tiny universes, each of them trying to out-blog or -out-Twitter the others. Meanwhile, Gannett and Ripple6 see a far different future for social media. One that helps a business meet and exceed its communities’ wants and needs. Up to now, the problem for information and media companies has been to find a place for their advertisers. At the end of the day, businesses need to make money and that means ROI.

Green continues:

“Cloud Communities™, for example, enable a brand to syndicate a community to dozens of web sites. People can enter a community and stay within that community while interacting with a variety of brands who come to them. Whether or not a person or a group of people choose to interact with that brand is entirely up to them.

“We aren’t creating ads or pushing messages at community members. Clouds aren’t a brand messaging affair but people coming together to get and to share information in any way they want, including the discussion of a company’s products and services.”

Ultimately cloud communities solve a real business problem. They help aggregate decentralized and until now uncoordinated communities and do it in a way that centralizes valuable user data and metrics. Incidentally, Moms Like Me is a great example of how they use their Cloud Communities technology.

What do you think about the potential for cloud communities in social design and social media communities?


One response to “Ripple6, Cloud Communities, and the Future of Social Media

  1. As the Marketing Dir with Ripple6 I have to say thank you. As a Social Media professional I have to say, well done! I’m surprised more people aren’t picking up on the revolutionary nature of the Cloud Communities concept. I think it’s the doorway to monitization that many in SM are searching for.


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