What values should drive your ethical seo campaign for your non-profit or small business

I believe there are nine characteristics that should drive your seo or social media campaign in 2009 and beyond. To that end, using passion, experience, inspiration, and insight to guide the following nine core functions:

1) trust
2) relevance (audience centric and resources)
3) relationships (interaction and crowd sourcing)
4) usabillity and user centric design (some would argue social design, like adding “intense debate” and social networking features)
5) conversation, community, and social media
6) real world networking
7) design (magazine, personal, branding, user experience and design, and other aesthetic considerations)
8} originality (thought, look, feel, and perhaps function like aggregation)
9) metrics, tracking, and conversion

What gray and black hat seo tactics should you avoid? Yahoo has a fantastic list of black hat and shady seo tactics to avoid in your search engine marketing in the Yahoo Search Quality Content Guidelines:

* Pages that harm accuracy, diversity or relevance of search results
* Pages dedicated to directing the user to another page (doorway pages)
* Multiple sites or pages offering substantially the same content
* Pages that rely heavily on content or links to content created for another web site, such as affiliate content
* Sites with numerous, unnecessary virtual hostnames
* Pages in great quantity, automatically generated or of little value (cookie-cutter pages)
* Pages using methods to artificially inflate search engine ranking
* The use of text or links hidden from the user
* Pages that give the search engine different content than what the end user sees (cloaking)
* Sites cross-linked excessively with other sites to inflate a site’s apparent popularity (link schemes)
* Pages built primarily for the search engines or pages with excessive or irrelevant keywords
* Misuse or inaccurate use of competitor or brand names
* Sites that use excessive pop-ups, install malware (i.e. spyware, viruses, trojans), or interfering with user navigation
* Pages that seem deceptive, fraudulent, or provide a poor user experience

Would you add any principles for ethical seo or white hat search engine optimization to the list?

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