Five Disadvantages of Gray Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unethical SEO Tactics: Why Grey Hat SEO is a Bad Idea for Your Brand

There are a plethora of reasons why gray hat SEO is not a good idea. I will give you four simple reasons why gray hat seo should be left for gambling and credit card sites:

• Initially, it involves tricking Google and making Google look bad. Even the infamous Shoemoney has come out against making Google look bad.
• It can often destroys relevance.
• Spammy techniques hurt usability.
• If you have to resort to gray hat techniques: why not use pay per click or social media or any number of marketing channels.
• The risk of being outed by your competitors or an SEO company.

So avoid grey hat seo about as much as you would avoid the plague. While Google shouldn’t have the exclusive right to establish the rules of ethics and ethical seo on the web, it often does and you have to adjust your search engine marketing strategy to that fundamental reality.


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