SEO Secrets for Realtors, Lawyers, and Small Business Owners

SEO Tips for the Local Small Business Owner:

Here is an assortment of posts I made at Active Rain which reveals several SEO secrets and tips for the real estate agent, attorney, or the local small business owner. Its a great way to provide affordable online marketing and high return on investment that is so critical in tough economic times.

Fundamentals of Ethical SEO for Small Business

Twelve Critical Search Engine Optimization Tips for Real Estate (and other small business)
Social Media and SEO Productivity Top SEO Tips for Saving Time and Staying Productive with Social Media
Tips and Tutorial for Ethical SEO Ethical SEO Buyer’s Guide
Dive into Social Media and Ethical SEO By Paying it Forward: Social media marketing and ethical seo tips for real estate agents

One critical SEO secret is to apply the 4 Ps for better content optimization:

P-Product (product specification, product differentiation, product pictures)
P-Problem(s) You Solve
P-Place (community, city, and state)
P-People (target the type of people you serve, happy customers, and customer created tips)

What is your favorite ethical seo tip or technique for realtors, lawyers, or small business?


2 responses to “SEO Secrets for Realtors, Lawyers, and Small Business Owners

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  2. A few months ago, a realtor stopped into my office and asked me if SEO was right for them. I surprised him with my answer. I said, “I’m not sure, let’s find out.”
    In general, SEO works best for people that are selling really expensive items. This is because all things being equal, doing 100 SEO for something worth $1 generally only brings 2x as much traffic as doing SEO for a website selling things worth $10,000. The conversion rate for the website selling $1 trinkets is going to be lower then the one selling a $10,000 service, but not by as much as you might think. The conversion rate depends on the
    • quality of the product
    • quality of the website
    • competitiveness of the pricing (or at least perceived competiteveness).
    So, to give you actual numbers… If we did SEO for a website that sells $1 widgets, we might get them 10,000 extra visitors/ month at the end of the first year. This might sound like a lot, but you can only expect them to sell widgets to two to five percent of the visitors. So, they’ll make $200-$500.
    Let’s consider the people selling the $10,000 product. They might only have a 0.5% conversion and get an additional 2,000 visitors/ month at the end of the first year. I’m being quite conservative here. 2,000 visitors x 0.5% = 10 sales/month, or $100,000/month in revenue. Pretty amazing, isn’t it. If you want to do SEO for your website, you need to find an expensive item to sell.
    What’s the most expensive item that the average person sells during their lifetime? It’s their home. The realtor isn’t generating $200k in revenue every time he/she sells a home. The realtor might be generating $10k in commission revenue. But still, the numbers are impressive. As a realtor, you can expect a SEO campaign with e reasonably budget (around $5,000/month) to generate around $100,000/month in revenue. This works out to a return on Investment (ROI) of $20 in revenue for every $1 invested in SEO.
    I finished this discussion and the realtor said three words. “Let’s do it.” He thought for a moment, and added another word “now”.
    If you’d looking for a good how-to document that describes almost everything you need to know, then check out this PDF.: search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.It’s a pretty long document (22 pages) but it tells you everything that you need to know about SEO. Good luck!
    You can find more about how SEO relates to the real estate industry here: <a

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