Social Media Marketing on an Hour a Day by Dave Evans

Review Social Media Marketing on an Hour a Day: A Learning Guide to Social Media Time Management and Productivity

This isn’t a full review of Social Media Marketing on an Hour a Day, because I only flipped through it.

However, after reading what seems like a dozen books on the subject and 1,000s of blog posts this seems to come up a bit short. Alternatively, perhaps I passed too soon: I think it may be perfect for the newly initiated to social media and social media marketing in that it gives them a systematic method or path to engage in social media (whether or not I agree with each and every social media exercise). Although its not for me–I’m not really its target audience. I’ve been in social media since I was on bulletin boards in 1983 and several forums through the mid 90s–and I read the Manifesto the summer of 2001 and I’ve been reading blogs since 2004 exploring and engaging different parts of the social networking and blogging space since 2005.

I think Social Media Marketing on an Hour a Day does get a couple things right:

First, the need to emphasize business productivity and time management in relation to social media. Social media marketing and social networking could both use a kick in the pants in this regard. This should make anyone who is interested in Getting things Done giddy with joy.
Second, the need to create a gradual path to learning about social media. The web is a giant place with about a half million results for EACH search query.
Third, I think the “interactive” or reflective method of the appendix which contains social media worksheets is on point.
Fourth, the chapter summaries with Seesmic videos are quite cool.
Alternatively, I think it leaves out some of the meat that Now is Gone has both in terms of the cultural change and the practical tips, which makes them natural companions to each other. You can check out the Social Media on an Hour a Day blog. Or follow Dave Evans the author on Twitter.

Books on Social Media Marketing and Social Networking:
I’m on Linked In: Now What (Linked in Book on Amazon)
Now is Gone
• Facebook (Facebook on Amazon)


One response to “Social Media Marketing on an Hour a Day by Dave Evans

  1. I appreciate your review of my book. I think you’ve captured a couple of essential elements: the gradual path to learning what can be an intimidatingly large topic, and the general need for a jump start in the full-on engagement of business.

    I too loved “Now is Gone” (and “Groundswell”) — there are a number of great books on the societal impact of social media. All together, we are seeing the beginning of the delivery on Tim Berners Lee’s original vision for the web.

    Keep in touch — I look forward to your thoughts as all of this continues.

    Thank you, and have a super day.

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