Marketing for general contractors

Marketing Assessment for General Contractors

Social media marketing for general contractors in tough bugetary times:

Of course the first step is focusing your marketing efforts:

• Where do you want to focus your marketing efforts? What cities and communities does your general contracting business serve?

• What type of general contracting you do focus on? Who is your ideal client? Why? How are the marketing efforts for your contracting firm targeted toward that sector?

Assess how you are marketing your general contracting business online:

• How are you marketing yourself online? How are you connecting to new customers through low cost online marketing solutions?

• For instance, do you have a Yahoo Local, Microsoft Local, and Google Local listing. When is the last time your website design was updated? How about the copy? How many customer hits do you get on your general contracting website?

• Or perhaps you don’t have website and you need an affordable website hosting and design?

Web marketing solutions for general contractors and you: Whatever situation you find yourself in as a general contractor, we can help you advance the web and internet marketing for your business. We can help optimize your marketing outreach online.


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