How did I become a Christian SEO?

How I became a Christian SEO

Well, I grew up in Nashville going to Harpeth Hills and then later at Natchez Trace Church with a great and supportive Christian family. Through out my life my family helped me connect with great learning opportunities like Christian summer camp and vacation bible school.

I graduated from college in 1999 and then got my graduate degree in communications at Ball State University in 2001. About a year later I started doing professional policy research and instructing at the University of Rochester, which was exciting and a great opportunity to showcase my winning strategic skills.

How I went from Collegiate debate coach and professional researcher to Christian SEO

Later I moved on to Weber and then Washington DC to coach several nationally award winning debate teams. I grew a bit tired of debate and started learning the basics of search engine optimization. I was utilizing keyword research, content development, relationship building, and the fundamentals of link building to grow my blogs readership.

Applying My Strategic SEO Skills to the Marketplace:
I soon was hired by a local seo firm in Nashville to do content development for 6 of their client blogs. From there I’ve gone on to work with a handful of seo clients. Thats my story. Thats how one becomes a Christian SEO or at least how I became a Christian SEO. Its been a learning curve, but fun. My online research, strategy, and training from teaching debate to college aged students has been tremendously helpful to SEO content development and marketing strategy. Its also been helpful in staying on top of the constantly changing world of search engine rankings, Google, and social media marketing.

Our Christian Principles in Life and Business
The LORD is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalms 27:1


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