Experimenting with a New Internet Marketing, SEO, and Link building Business Model

Instead of just offering my SEO skills on an hourly rate, I’m going to offer SEO content services on a per word basis. So here is my current rundown of prices. There are discounts for people who order more than $300 worth of services.

.08 x 1000 = $80
.08 X 2000 = $160
.08 X 3000 = $240

What is the value added? What are the deliverables?

• Increased traffic, directly related to amount invested. Hence a high ROI.
• Increase search results, again directly related to the affordable pricing strategy
• Online content to help answer customer questions and create relationships
• Search engine optimization.

This is a more affordable business model than all other traditional SEO models and I believe will yield better results. We love being industry innovators at Creative Fusion. If you would like to work with this model, please give us a call at (615) 974-9662 or if you would prefer a different model I would be glad to discuss a different set up.

And remember, we have an ethical business model that doesn’t do spam submission and gray hat SEO tactics which Google and other search engines both dislike and penalize. Probably 40-50% of the industry uses gray hat tactics as a frontline tactics and some even dress them up and call them “white hat”, but that is so overexpansive as to make white hat seo meaningless.


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