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Review of the Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Here is the social media worksheet. You may also want to check out the complete list of social media checklists.

This is an interesting initial engagement, although at a minimum I think it misses some of the listening properties that are included in the Porter Novelli checklist. It also misses some of the key cultural issues with transparency which will be necessary for organizational change with respect to social media. Finally it doesn’t deal with any loopholes or issues with content creation on the part of the company. Although, for having all the info on one page, its certainly a start on a workable social media worksheet.

Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Describe Client’s Business:

Business goal for social media program (circle one)
• Enthusiasm
• Sales
• Loyalty

where is the audience cyclically?
(circle no more than two)
Awareness>interest>action> enthusiasm>advocacy

How Does the audience use social media? (circle no more than two)

Creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators
(forrester social technographics® ladder

what one thing is most compelling about this brand?

Why does the audience care?

How will you humanize the brand?

3 metrics used to measure

If you want a more developed social media plan check out Beth’s post on social media strategy which helps you create a checklist and business plan.


3 responses to “Social Media Strategy Worksheet Evaluation | Convince and Convert

  1. Thanks for the kind words on my worksheet. Certainly, it’s not intended to be the definitive roadmap for a fully formed social media strategy, but I find that it’s very helpful in getting brands and their agencies to understand that social media is way more than just launching a Facebook fan page.

  2. Great post, definitely look forward to reading some more quality articles in the future.

  3. @ Jason and Lorne

    Thanks for your kind words.


    Agreed. It would be interesting to see the next level of social media rubrics and business plans as its developed.

    Great introductory checklist for companies new to the space.

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