SEO Process | The Three Most Important Parts of Your Ethical SEO Strategy

The SEO Process: A Step by Step Guide

There are three keys to your search engine optimization strategy:

• Design and Framing
• Content Development
• Promotion, Relationship Building and Link building

Its that simple.

Of course there are ways to add complexity to your SEO plan. The next level of SEO strategy optimization is a step by step development of the tactics that form the fundamentals of the SEO process. Starting with overall business objectives makes sense:

• What are the business objectives?

• What marketing strategies do you currently have in place?

2.1 How does the online aspect of it fit into your current marketing strategy?

• What are your core products or services?

• Who are the different audiences that the site can appeal to, and provide goods or services or information for?

• What are your primary & secondary key phrases?

• How do you currently measure performance?

• How might conversions be defined for the site? Purchases? Leads generated? Newsletter or service subscriptions? Downloading of specific whitepapers or pages or software?

Online Marketing Objectives and Considerations:
• General, Short term and Long term goals for SEO.

• Who do you consider to be your competitors?

• Do you already have an “image” or “brand” in place that can be pushed.

• Any specific ideas about the type of marking you want to do? (viral, advertising etc.)

• What skills do you currently already have available in terms of web development?

5.1 If yes; What is the development or change process like, when you want to make changes, including the time that it typically takes to make changes?

• Have there been any SEO efforts recently or in the past?

• How are you driving traffic to your site now?

• Are you willing to change varies elements on your website? (Content, Structure, technologies, etc…)

• Are there any design, infrastructure or development considerations?

• Are you equipped to handle an increase in business?

• What’s the budget either monthly or total?

As you go along the SEO process, you will likely appreciate this SEO flow chart from Aaron Wall.


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