Top Social Networks for Business

Best Social Networking and Social Media Communities for Business

The four main social networks for business are:


Linked In



Three other social networking opportunities to keep in mind:

• Niche Business Social networks like Trulia and Active Rain in the real estate space

Ning allows you to create your own social network

• I would be remiss not to mention Twitter in the business social networking space.


2 responses to “Top Social Networks for Business

  1. Facebook is not a good place for doing business. Their attempt to control spam is far overreaching, and they simply don’t have the seriousness like and LinkedIn. Plus with all of the confusion about their changing rules, it has become even more shaky.

    The better places to do business and promote your business is on Start.up Biz,, LinkedIn, Ecademy, a few Ning generated sites, and E.Factor…those are for the serious business people.

  2. Christi,

    I strongly disagree. I would primarily only focus on Linked In and Ning.

    Apparently, we disagree about the use of spam as a method for marketing yourself or your business. I think Start.up and the others you mention are borderline terrible. I would never ever advise a client to invest serious time in marketing themselves on those social networking platforms.

    I’m sorry we disagree.


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