Recommended Nashville PHP Web Developers

Need PHP Development and Design in the Nashville, Tennessee Area?

I get asked this question constantly and I thought I would post the info to my site, so it would make it easy to find. For those that don’t know, PHP developers do the coding for many of the profile oriented social networking, social media, and web 2.0 oriented websites that enable digital communication on steroids.

Top Options for PHP Web Developer and Web Application Designer in Nashville
Look no further than the following three PHP web developers:

• Nathan Moore who owns Anthology Creative 615.424.0871
Cal Evans (he works for Zend and outsourced on the side) 615-715-8812 (I understand Cal is no longer in Nashville)
• Marcus Whitney (he knows the Php space in Nashville pretty well. he works on a percentage basis with his company Remarkable Wit rather than an hourly one and primarily works with tech and music startups) 615.480.9633

Second Level Options for Php Development in Nashville
Of course you could check the folks at the Nashville PHP Users Group and they could provide an answer as well. Will Fitch runs that Music City group of web developers.

If none of those solutions work, take 5 minutes and join the web developers group on the local technology social network Digital Nashville and ask a question about your Nashville web development needs. You can also join the digital Nashville group on Linked In and ask questions there if you want a wider base of information about your web development options in the Music City.

Third Level Options for finding Web Design and Development Freelancers in Nashville, Tennessee and Beyond
If you just need web development of some sort or Ruby on Rails work in Nashville, check the Nashville Ruby on Rails web group or you might search or post in the Nashville Craigs list listings.

Are you a PHP web application developer in the Nashville, TN area? Feel free to leave a note and contact info in the comments section of the post.

And if you need any seo, social media marketing, search engine marketing, or content development needs for your web project, please feel free to contact me. I hope this resource helps those in need of PHP coders and development in Nashville.


8 responses to “Recommended Nashville PHP Web Developers

  1. Cal Evans actually moved on from Zend to iBuildings, and I believe he has already re-located to Amsterdam.

  2. Thanks Wil.

    Didn’t know. Appreciate the update.

    Hopefully I will see you at a local Nashville web event.


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  4. Original, Clean, Optimized Custom PHP / Javascript Code to help you create that unique web experience.

  5. Michael,

    Thanks for stopping by, but it is the case that you aren’t in Nashville as far as I can tell which makes you a lesser alternative for people who want to hire a local Nashville php web developer.

    Best of luck.

  6. Thank you for your professional attempt to call me out, Is this really necessary? well here goes 🙂

    I am a full time Senior Programmer working in Nashville. I have lived in Nashville since I was 14. I have worked in Nashville since I was 16. I have worked as a programmer in Nashville for the last 13 years. My clients are in Nashville. I am in Nashville 9+ hours a day. I do all my business in Nashville. I am within a 20 minutes from downtown. I party in Nashville. I dont know what else you need.

    Would it hurt to leave my posting up and take out your callout posting and this little rant of mine?

  7. I live in Nashville and have been writing custom PHP since 2001.

  8. I don’t do PHP, but I do Ruby on Rails in Nashville full-time and moderate the Nashville Ruby on Rails group.

    I’d love to help anyone Nashville who has a Rails question or wants to discuss their project: 615-354-4655

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