Three Tips for Business on Twitter

Here are three on point tips from Jeremy Pepper:

1. Be engaged. Be personable. Be responsive. There’s nothing worse than sending someone a direct message on Twitter … and hearing nothing back. You followed ME first, and yet you are unable to respond to a question? And, well, that’s just a direct message. If you are sent an @reply, and do not respond, do you REALLY want to be in the conversation, or you just glomming onto the next thing? If it’s glomming, well, you are not ready.

2. Be a person. The other day, I noted that I do not like corporate Twitter accounts with no name, but said in my more usual way. Seriously, this is supposed to be a conversation, and you want me to talk to someone with no name? No reference? No bio? Um, no thank you. No, really, go away.

3. Twitter is not for everyone. For another, longer post … social media is not for all corporations or entities. There are those that social media will NEVER be the right fit because of policies or legalities. Despite the mantra of the social media “experts”, social media is not a right fit for all companies. It’s a simple rule. In that, Twitter is not right for all groups – but that does not mean they should not be monitoring Twitter. You don’t even need to download Tweetdeck … you can use Filtrbox for Twitter searches (an added bonus to what is being said out there on blogs, and such).

More to hopefully be added soon…


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