What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis is author of the book “What Would Google Do?” and a blogger at Buzz Machine. Jeff Jarvis gets print publication and content. I’m sure his book will provide focus for online publishers and content creators, as well as traditional print publications who are making a move to use online tools like social media.

“What Would Google Do?”

Jeff Jarvis on Content Aggregation

Certainly this post about social media marketing examples by Peter Kim shows the value of aggregation. Some of what Jarvis is speaking of may go even further to being a platform or filter that:

• Gathers
• Edits and Remixes
• Organizes
• Designs

Content in a given niche and does so in a way which is fun, interesting, or engaging. I don’t believe they have to do all four well, both those who do will likely prosper as long as they find a revenue stream to monetize their content. Also, those four characteristics, along with community, over the long run will likely form the critical differentiators for users and potential customers (and hence success). One that ultimately forms an affinity (or even further a Tribe)

If you’ve read Jarvis’ opus “What Would Google Do?”, what do you think? Agree, disagree, or ????


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