Guide to Hiring a Link baiting Content and Marketing Service

How to Hire a Link bait Content Development Consultant

One popular method of increasing traffic and search engine optimization is link baiting. When people talk about viral marketing, they are often talking about creating content that is link bait. So what is link baiting? Link baiting is just the strategic creation of interesting, funny, or controversial content in order to generate links. The second component of the link baiting process is using social media like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Twitter, delicious, and Mixx to promote the content.

So how do you go about hiring a link baiting professional? Well here are some questions I might suggest asking:

• What kind of link baiting content do you do?
• Can I see previous link bait examples you have developed?
• What kind of traffic will it generate?
• What is the quality of traffic your link bait will generate?
• How much will your link bait increase my search engine optimization efforts?
• How much do your services cost?
• Do you offer both content development and link bait marketing services?

What questions would you ask a link baiting service?


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