Be a DIY Search Engine Optimizer

The first step to becoming a do-it-yourself search engine optimizer is to come to terms with four things:

First, what are your goals of your SEO project (search engine rank, targeted traffic, time on site, page views etc.)? What is the time frame for goal completion 6 months? 12 months? 18 months?

Second, what is your niche or niches for the business you are doing SEO for? What is your product? What is your service? What products are similar?

Third, who are your competitors in the search engine rankings?

Fourth, what time and resources can you devote to your SEO campaign?

If you have people in your organization who are looking for instant results from search engine optimization, you will need to supplement your campaign with a local SEO listing and pay per click management. One of the hardest parts to understand about SEO and DIY SEO is that it takes time. Its sowing seeds now for results in 4, 6, and 10 months. If you expect to rank tomorrow, you should pursue another strategy for your internet marketing.

By going the DIY route and without the guidance of professional SEO training, which can take you step by step through the process you risk doing short term or permanent damage to your SEO efforts. Particularly in the case of learning how to do search engine optimization without investing any money in training, you are likely to take even longer:

• Content
• Design-photos, overall experience, and website design
• Keywords
• Links from relevant and trusted sources
• Uniqueness-experience, value, and humanness.

Trust and credibility are important as well. Competing outside the box is likewise critical to SEO and social media marketing success.


(image credit: SEO Book)

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Professional Tools for the DIY Search Engine Optimizer:

SEO Moz Tools
SEO Book training community
Solo SEO for the Do-it Yourself SEO

We also offer training for the DIY SEO to make their life easier and less stressful, so they can focus on core business objectives.


One response to “Be a DIY Search Engine Optimizer

  1. i think the most important point you touched on is understanding your goals. a lot of people in the space want “seo” but they are not sure why they want it or what it can do, great post.

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