Ethical SEO Tips | Online Media Relations + Link Development with Bloggers

I’m working with a client who is a mid-range competitor, however because the organization’s name isn’t what searchers would be looking for loses some relative value from links. (This is a problem I’ve experienced myself because I don’t have “SEO” in my URL and will hopefully rectify in the near future, but its hard to change just switch domains on a dime without losing my built up link equity with Google).

One way to rectify this is to have a blogger relations area. What would a blogger relations area have ideally?

• It could have a feed of your PR releases, but thats not really what most bloggers want unless you are in the startup space. They don’t want to read dry copy and know their readers don’t either. So a small RSS widget may be sufficient. If you aren’t a major brand this PR aspect may be less important.
• A list of your most important posts somewhere between 3 and 15 is ideal. Anything more is overkill and will get lost in the shuffle.
• A suggestion about how to link to you so you can direct and encourage more specific anchor text. Jacob Morgan a social media consultant uses this as his contact and central location for blogger relations. Its certainly a delicate balance. I might soften some of his language, but I think the direction is very strategic from an SEO perspective.
• Adding a widget that demonstrates credibility, suggests affinity or membership in a larger tribe, or if you’re into the punk marketing aspect of social media, then something thats funny.
• If you can add a unique feel or a unique offering (ie exclusivity) to your blogger relations area thats critical.
• Throwing in a well placed and phrased RSS ask is probably a good idea too. If people want updates from your insight then the blogger relations area is one intuitive place to do that.

These are the six core components I see for online media relations and blogger relations. Its arguable that you should separate the PR and blogger relations components and thats probably a function of design, intent, and usability.

Thoughts on online media relations with citizen journalists and bloggers?


3 responses to “Ethical SEO Tips | Online Media Relations + Link Development with Bloggers

  1. just wanted to give you a bit thank you for linking to my site properly with the anchor text i requested, you rock man.

  2. Ethical SEO tips and strategies are good, but others are having a hard time following these kinds of strategies.

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