Travel Marketing, SEO, and Keyword Research

How do you do keyword research in the travel industry for your tourism and travel SEO?

Warning: This post is in beta…will revisit soon…

Aim for the longtail. What does that mean exactly? What is the long tail of SEO keywords?

• Aim for the right travel niche
• Aim for pricing related keywords for your hotel or travel destination(affordable, budget, luxurious)
• Aim for seasonal (Christmas, summer, spring, or whatever season is the bread and butter of your industry)
• Aim for recent, ongoing, or upcoming changes (ie new restaurant launches)
• Aim for questions users and potential customers will type into Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.
• Aim for product and travel service based differentiation
• Aim for branding and branded terms associated with your travel destination

Don’t forget to do your research in Google keyword tool. You will want to take that research and cross reference it versus Microsoft’s keyword tool which provides you with actionable market data about user intent to purchase. You will also want to take these fantastic keyword secrets into account. Alternatively, to save you the hassel, you can hire a pay per click team for $500 to $1000 to find which words convert. This won’t dictate your whole strategy, but will tell you which keywords convert.

Once you have your keywords assembled, you will want to create social media and seo friendly content.

If you enjoyed this post, you may also be interested in travel seo and destination marketing and likely to also understand the value of travel and hotel seo.

Any other suggestions for travel and tourism seo? What do you see as trends in tourism and travel seo?


2 responses to “Travel Marketing, SEO, and Keyword Research

  1. Longtails a great place to start.

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