Christian business productivity and organization

Making a Virtual Business Run Smoothly

One of the hardest parts of being a Christian business owner and a creative who does online content creating and marketing (via SEO and social media) is to make those two parts of my identity go together. I really like the creative part, but sometimes the organization part is lagging. Hence, I think one thing that can save me time and money in the upcoming days is to create a spreadsheet of recommended vendors and collaborators. For instance the spreadsheet (or in my case old school word document) will have information about the following:

• Web Designers (particularly WordPress blog designers)
• Web Designers (other than wordpress: PHP, Ruby on Rails, .Net, etc.)
• Graphic Designers and graphical layout professionals
• White paper editors and writers
• Content creators in individual niches (of various content niches and degrees of quality)
• Other SEOs to outsource to

What are YOUR thoughts on workplace productivity and efficiency? How can you improve your productivity or work flow?


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