SEO for ecommerce product pages

Justin Palmer has five great suggestions for SEO for e-commerce websites:

1) Determine Whether the Product is Better Suited for Branded, Non-Branded, or Solution Search: For each product, ask yourself this question: “Will people be searching for this item by brand name, by a generic name, or will it be a solution oriented search?” For example, suppose you were selling running shoes.

2) Create a Unique Product Description: Too often, product descriptions are a neglected afterthought of online merchandising. Why not just show a few snazzy pics? After all, a picture is worth a thousands words right? While I would never mitigate the importance of good photography, pictures sometimes fall short on communicating specific product details, features, and benefits. If your company has sales people, ask them to write the product descriptions for you, as if they were selling the item face to face with a customer.

3) Don’t Forget the Meta Tag Keyword & Descriptions: Yes, they still work. Not for endless keyword repetition, but for showing that you took time and effort and care about your product pages.

4) Display Product Reviews: How do product reviews help you in SEO? Interestingly, customers tend to describe products in ways that you would never think of.

5) Track the Results: So, how do you know if the steps above are working? Personally, I like to monitor the number of total search visitors to product pages divided by the total number of product pages indexed by Google. Over time, you should see this number increase.

Thanks to Justin for these tips. They’re fantastic!


4 responses to “SEO for ecommerce product pages

  1. Hey Nathan, thanks for mentioning my post!

  2. Justin,

    Your tips were great. I hope I can implement them on the new e-commerce site I’m working on.


  3. These suggestions were really good except for the first one. How does one go about choosing a SEO strategy once he determines the kind of search that people will do for his products.

  4. Rahul,

    The first suggestion is just about having keywords that are brand, product, and function oriented.

    Take care,

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