Social Media Optimization : Franchise marketing

Social Media Optimization : Franchise marketing

Franchises should really jump on the social media revolution. Franchises are uniquely positioned to take advantage of size and scalability of their organization in the web space. Two ways franchises can do this is by starting an internal wiki or collaboration tool for better internal communication.

Leveraging wikia for franchise social media optimization. The wiki could combine forum and wiki capabilities, which would enhance the social design and community features and ultimately the value to the franchisers. This would allow sharing of information better. It will allow already ongoing email conversations to scale better and more efficiently. It can help sync up training programs. And forums are a great place to collaborate, share strategy and aggregated best practices. In this way training can be more self-organizing and ultimately more self-directed and efficient. Organizations that can leverage training, particularly in a self-directed way have a unique advantage. Reasonably priced video training modules, helpful powerpoints, and social networking features can be added as necessary.

Second, leveraging a community blog can provide a strategic marketing and public relations advantage. This is critically important. You individual businesses are probably attempting to use blogs now. These can be your laboratories of invention and can serve to generate trust and ranking in Google for your organizational social media web platforms. A community blog can serve to keep your organization a thought leader and give your business front of cortex mind-share in Google.

Any other ideas for franchise search engine optimization, social media optimization, or web strategy?


One response to “Social Media Optimization : Franchise marketing

  1. This post is insightful. I think as well that Social media optimization is great for franchise.. With the tips provided in this post, it is very helpful for marketers especially franchising marketers. Looking forward to reading other great posts.

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