HR 2.0: What social media startups don’t know about human resources

Human Resources 2.0: The Future of Hiring, Firing, and Training

Well. I’ve officially entered the wonderful world of human resources hiring and firing. (Oh my!) I’ve got a couple clients who need me to provide them with outsourcing being it seo copywriting, music social media, and other forms of niche content. Here’s the thing: most bloggers in the so-called “social media” space are blogging about technology or their lives. I need to find content about Asian culture and doing business in Asia. I also need to find Christian content and

When I started blogging, I started a niche blog on Christian non-profits and social justice issues. Very niche (the topics ocassionally overlapped into Christianity, music, spirituality, and my hometown Nashville). I probably didn’t narrow down my focus enough, but oh well. Now it has a more nuanced focus on social entrepreneurship to solve poverty and the base of the pyramid, while dealing with assorted Christian issues. On the flip side, my recent foray into the world of human resources and outsourcing has provided me with an “Ah Ha!” moment–a moment behind the curtain of human resources 2.0 as it leverages social media.

Human Resources 2.0: For practitioners
First, what I’m doing can probably be called micro-outsourcing (if such a word exists) and its very difficult, because clients want to keep costs low, so interviewing more than 6 or a dozen people isn’t an option. This means you have to drill down to who they are and what their skill set is quickly. (keeping track of all the info in your head or even on a speadsheet isn’t a piece of cake either. Although I should probably go that route more often)

Although with a little bit of experience under my belt (and a data set) I think I will be able to proceed more smoothly)

Human Resources 2.0: From a Job Seeker’s Perspective
Second, to those who want to get started in social media perhaps talking about social media on and on isn’t the answer. I’ve frankly heard enough posts about how to use Twitter effectively to make my head numb. The same goes for Facebook and blogging. Find away to pop through the echo chamber. Be different. Second, one of the ways to do that is to actually blog about something you are passionate about OUTSIDE of the social media space. Third, active listening is your friend. Fourth, find a position where your social media skills can add value. Doing social media 24-7 isn’t all its cracked up to be. Being human we need fresh air and real human contact. So finding life/work or life/sanity balance is in the words of Ben Franklin critical to being “healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Human Resources 2.0: My Workflow and Game Plan

Well, I’m going to look for writers and freelancers via

• Twitter
• Google
• Technorati/Alltop
• If available, Ning

I will report back with the results in the next 2 weeks. Have a great day!

(note: I use the word “startups” here to refer to people in the market looking for a social media job)


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