17 Tips for Ethical SEO for Real Estate

17 Fantastic Types of Content for Ethical Real Estate SEO and Link Development

Whether you are a real estate agent or broker, in our current economic system, you know that your online marketing strategy is critical to low cost customer acquisition and creating a better relational way to create an effective online sales funnel for your real estate business. For the next 6 to 18 months, customers aren’t exactly going to be walking in the door. In addition, in order to beat your real estate competition to market as social media and real estate seo strategies ramp across the country its critically important to Carpe Diem or in this case Carpe blog, Carpe social media, and Carpe SEO. Here are a couple of on point tips for amping up your ongoing marketing efforts with real estate social media and seo:

Professional Interviews are Quality Unique Content-interviews (linked up to relevant content on and off your blog) (bonus for interview series or 1 to 6 questions asked to a handful of industry experts, your customers, or your readers) memes perform the same function.
Aggregated Visual Content Helps Real Estate Buyers-By aggregating your best house pictures (appropriately optimized) your highlight your best properties or sold properties. You can also use visually attractive photos to highlight individual neighborhoods, which helps buyers pick between local communities and geographies.
Page Rank and Trust Rank are Alive and Well-Quality directory submissions help your Google ranking. For a relative low cost you can get trusted links without having to wait on page 10 while your site grows. Paid directory submission can turbo charge your early seo efforts in a flash. However, you have to pick the right directories to submit to.
Original SEO Friendly Content-The linkerati, as the people who have websites are often called enjoy controversial, funny, useful, relevant, surprising, different, and unique perspectives. This web masters will appreciate interesting, engaging, or visually stimulating photography.
Linking to your sources is great for SEO– Researched and linked content (with citation/bibliography and block quoting). Given that Google is based on an academic model.
Diagrams Bring Life to Your Content-Original content thats researched with numbers (aka charts, graphs, or info-graphs) is also likely to garner links from readers and industry leaders. Also the linkerati are a highly technical crowd, who loves visual diagrams. Especially if those diagrams are useful for their readers.
Stories of Experiments and Personal Journeys-personal experiments (makes it automatically unique and “real”) It also says something about you as a person.
Focus on Your Best–Focus your readers on a series or aggregation (ie aggregation of the best or top 10) . Google and your readers will appreciate having the information all gathered in one easy to find, read, and access location.
Solving Problems, and Answering Questions-answer questions that are very RELEVANT to your audience. Much of what people do in the search engines is ask questions. By answering questions not only are you likely to answer a query that your customers are making, but also you are likely to gain customers trust by putting them at ease.
Free Goodies and Strategic Giveaways-free stuff thats REALLY valuable to your readers (see also: contests). Free stuff that goes beyond mere text is likely to get more links. One great example of this is ebooks or wordpress themes.
Virtual Neighborhood Comparison and Tour-neighborhood specific details (pictures, content, stats, etc..)
Community events-Its easy to rank in Google for community events and it provides a unique service to potential clients.
Local History = Real Estate SEO. history of city or community, linking to relevant historical documents or landmarks can be both interesting and increase your search engine ranking.
Everybody Loves a Top 10-how to/tips/top 10
Pictures Rock My World-how tos with pictures are better
Easy to Understand = Great Real Estate SEO-sussinct diagrams that simply explain an issue easily and simply
Personal and Authentic Content Creates Relationship-personal pictures, personal life

Bonus: guides and whitepapers (oh…and posts that have photos/visual and over deliver)
Bonus #2: Start a contest powered on WordPress and widgets and $$$. (actually just money and widgets)

Real Estate SEO and Social Media Resources:
Interview with real estate agent blogger on Search Engine Land

PS. I hope this post helped you!!!!!


3 responses to “17 Tips for Ethical SEO for Real Estate

  1. Another important aspect of good SEO in real estate is to have professional looking website.

  2. Great tips, Nathan, they will definitely help 🙂

  3. Here’s a list of MLS plug-ins that should help as well:

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