Washington DC SEO and Social Media for Real Esate Agents

Real Estate SEO and Social Media Marketing for Washington DC

I’m a big fan of Washington DC and all it has to offer. After all, I lived in the area for and it has a fantastic array of cultural events and nightlife. I’m going through big cities in America and picking out where the web 2.0, social media, and key real estate websites fall in the search engine results (or SERPs for short):

“Washington DC Real Estate” Search Engine Page Results

Yahoo Real Estate Search Engine (of course they have paid directory as well)
Zillow Real Estate Search Engine
Craigslist (of course this is a default real estate search engine for some more tech oriented 20 to 40 somethings)
• About
• Folkd
• Linked In
• (bizjournal also made the list)

“DC Real Estate Agent” Search Engine Results Pages

• Washington Post (not a web 2.0 site, but interesting and strategic to know)
• AOL Yellowpages (I wonder if this is because they have a DC location)
• (A silver springs real estate agent….REALLY Google?!??!!)
DC Pages (I believe this is a paid directory, but I haven’t checked)
DC Registry (another paid directory in all likelihood)
City Feet
Yahoo Local (they also have paid directory)
Business.com (paid directory)
Active Rain (this is an agent page)
Incredible Agents (I’m not sure I would worry about their ranking for now)
Real Estate Ratingz

I know I’ve included more than the traditional real estate 2.0 and real esate social media sites, but I thought those would be helpful to a fuller understanding of the search engine landscape in Washington. Thoughts?


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