Nashville Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Associations

Nashville Advertising, Marketing, and PR Associations

If you’re new to Nashville or moving into the fields of marketing or PR you might check out one of the following groups in town:

American Advertising Federation Nashville
PRSA Nashville
Nashville Marketing Association

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One response to “Nashville Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Associations

  1. Is It The Print Leaders or Print Media?

    While I have never been in the publishing business, I encountered a similar environment with a past employer. The company was failing year after year, both in terms of business and employee morale. A once great company to work for was now a horrible place to be.

    I tried very hard to help. I offered suggestions to management backed by statistics and sound argument. I applied for positions where I could hopefully make a difference yet could not get anywhere. It seemed that the Yes people were moving up while I was considered a dissident, which I certainly was not.

    In the end, I had to move on. It was not easy as I was emotionally invested in this company. Did they ever turn it around? No. Would I go back in a second if they would let me help? Yes. But that won’t happen.

    Boo hoo? Yes, I guess so. But when you care about an organization that is ill, and you feel like you could help and you are constantly denied, it is demoralizing. Am I immature for getting emotionally invested in an employer? Well, isn’t that what every company hopes to achieve? Invested employees?
    Thank you for your response. It is not just that. Print media is not the problem, it is the “old guard” just trying to protect their jobs until retirement totally void of new ideas and taking risks. They just point the blame on the economy, not the solutions or an aging demographic. Please read the following:

    In PRINT we TRUST… and on the WEB we LOOK
    March 2, 2009

    In a survey polling 316 people ranging in age from 12 to 72, The Rosen Group, a New York City based Public Relations firm, found that “the vast majority of adult consumers still consider the print editions of these publications indispensable sources of news and entertainment.” In fact the survey found that nearly 80 percent of respondents still subscribe to magazines and the vast majority (83 percent) find that daily newspapers are still relevant.
    Despite a pronounced move toward online news consumption, respondents still believe news is fit to print. When asked if newspapers and magazines will exist in 10 years, nearly half of those surveyed (45 percent) said yes, while 40 percent remained uncertain.

    “People are looking online for news and lifestyle information, but they are not abandoning their print editions,” said Lori Rosen, founder and president of The Rosen Group. “There is still a certain satisfaction and ease to holding printed text in your hands, and PDAs or PCs will not replace this just yet.” Among the evidence: Even though the public can’t ignore the burgeoning blogosphere, nearly 60 percent of those surveyed agree that the information found on blogs is not credible.

    The survey also found that:
    * Thirty percent cite Web sites devoted to news as their top source for updates; 66 percent say that they are among their daily news sources.
    * Only 18 percent say that a print newspaper is their first stop for news, but 55 percent of respondents still look at newspapers on any given day. Fifty-three percent still subscribe to the print version of a newspaper.
    * When it comes to leisure time, print magazines and Web sites tied for first as a leading entertainment source (26 percent). * Sixty-five percent of respondents find weekly news magazines relevant.

    The results of the survey are clear. Print is still an important and major player in the life of people. The key is to provide the relevant content in print. News and ink-on-paper may no longer be the most relevant content for our papers and magazines. However content that takes the “searching surfing” audience and turns it to a “critically thinking” audience is and will continue to be the essence of print and its future.

    Studies like the one above conducted by The Rosen Group and the forth coming Magazine Innovation Center, are but the first steps in the journey of the one thousand miles to amplify the future of print. Stay tuned and thanks Lori Rosen for this timely study.

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