The Disadvantages of Twitter: Quiting Twitter

Is twitter good for business? Maybe not. Lev Grossman, a writer for Time recently wrote a great piece on the downsides of tweeting and twittering:

But here’s the thing: the more interested I get in Famous Writer’s life, the less interested I am in my own. I’m in danger of paying more attention to her dog and her meals and her friends than I do to mine. My powers of concentration, never formidable, are deteriorating. I’ve always got one eye on Famous Writer’s Twitter feed, waiting for the interruption that will distract me from my own, nonfamous existence. I think I’m in danger of mistaking my connection to Famous Writer for an actual human relationship instead of what it is–a slow drip of basically trivial data that I’ve been using as an excuse to get out of the hard work of being alone with myself.


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