What’s so great about Twitter?

How is Twitter useful for business communication? What’s the big deal with Twitter?

This video from Darren Rowse gives several answers about why Twitter is so valuable and unique.

What’s so great about Twitter for social communication?
Evan Williams, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO, at TED conference

How Can I Use Twitter to Make My Life Better?
I think in the business context Twitter makes sense to 1) link up people at a conference. This intensifies the conference experience dramatically. 2) for internal communication 3) to listen to and connect with influentials in your industry 4) for event planning, event management to publish mobile alerts and updates 5) to publish specials via mobile. 6) better research and journalism. 7) you can use twitter for marketing, but its really best for networking and relationship building. I think recruiters have a tremendous advantage as do trusted travel brands. If you’re prime purpose for Twitter is marketing, you may want to take a step back.

Two Caveats
Slowly growing your twitter following based on who you find interesting and what subjects you are passionate about is probably the best route. En masse following tons of people with an interest in trying to market to them will likely prove 100% ineffective and is likely to waste your time and theirs, because they have to be interested in what you are tweeting about.

Second, you may want to set up an automatic twitter follower. This will auto-follow anyone who follows you. This saves you a massive amount of time. If they ultimately prove uninteresting or annoying, you can easily unfollow them at a later date.

Wisdom of the crowds and crowd sourcing with Twitter
Ultimately, between Linked in Answers, Twitter, and niche Ning sites you can find what the wisdom of the crowd is on an issue. Who is the best x? Where can I find x? Increasinly the web 2.0 space in mobile is also looking to fill this niche need.

So what’s so great about Twitter?


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