Twitter Monetizizes their Users with a Freemium Business Model

Twitter Monetization: The Rise of Twitter Premium Accounts

At long last, Twitter has finally figured out a social media monetization strategy. And with the exception of longer tweets from premium users, the average user’s experience shouldn’t change dramatically. Kudos to Twitter:

Non-believers, take heed: Twitter may eventually generate revenue. The micro-blogging site, that arguably reached its tipping point earlier this year, has announced a four-tiered paid service with varying levels of tweet-length. Free accounts will still be available for the average user, but the power user now has four choices.

A Sparrow membership gets a given user five extra characters in their tweets, and five extra random followers, for $5 a month. Dove-level membership ups the tweets to 160 characters, with 25 extra random followers, one celebrity follower, spell-check, and a t-shirt for $15 a month. For $50 a month, you can be an Owl member: 250 characters, 100 random followers, five celebrities, 30 minutes on the “recommended” list, and a “fail whale” hoodie.

Also, social networks and search surpass email. Wow. Its been a historic week in social media and technology.


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