Best Free SEO Analysis Reports and Tools

Quick SEO Evaluation Tools

Website Grader-pretty quick way to find out about your site

SEO Automatic Tool-tells you about on page search engine optimization factors

Review My SEO Analysis Tool

SEO Backlink Checker Tools

Google Backlink Checker

Backlink Watch

Yahoo Backlink Checker

MSN Backlink Checker

Technorati for blog specific backlinks

Competitive Analysis Tools

Spy Fu

Google Insights for Search

SEO Moz Trifecta

SEO Moz Linkscape

Other Helpful Search Engine Optimization Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Yahoo Webmaster Tools (same link as Yahoo backcheck links above)

Webmaster Live Tools

SEO Book Link Suggester (based on similar keyword or website topic)

Free SEO Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tool
(related keyterms & web user data)

SEO Book Keyword Tool (web stats on your key terms)

Wordtracker Question Tool (web stats on questions around your keyterms)

Google Sets (semantically related terms to your keyterms)

Quinturra (semantically related terms)

SEO Tracking Analysis

Graph of Backlinks Over Time for search engine marketing purposes.

Compete-unique user statistics over the year

Quantcast-multiple analytics on users of your site

Go Rank-key word number & density

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14 responses to “Best Free SEO Analysis Reports and Tools

  1. Great List.

    Free keyword tools are a great start for new sites.

    However, once your site is established it’s wise to use your own server logs to gain the most reliable keyword research, which is derived from “real” traffic and “actual” keywords that trigger specific actions on your own website.

  2. Hello,

    this is a great list of tools. Please try and evaluate this tool and provide feedback:


  3. Thanks Ryan,

    I’ll have to check those out. Look forward to hearing from you again.

    In the social media space, Radian 6 at the high end of white label monitoring tools is getting hot and at a smaller price point for small businesses is Techrigy, which offers freemium services (in other words a free trial as well as webinars explaining the business case behind social media monitoring)

    Take care,

  4. The other thing is that I have little faith in Compete. I’ve actually purchased their $500 report and was pretty disappointed with how inaccurate the data was. In general, I would use as nothing more than just “another data point” – don’t make any major decisions or anything.


  5. Great point Ryan. I generally prefer the free tools and the tools under $100 per month.

    The free web traffic comparison tool that Compete offers is nice for a 60 second overview of a website in a given market ecosystem, which helps you with your search engine optimization and link building.

  6. Great List. This tool help you evaluate the importance of a URL as perceived by Yahoo and Google. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice post and list of tools. We’ve used most all of the tools you mentioned and have found many of them to be pretty useful. Appreciate you sharing them. SEOmoz’s LinkScape tool is nice, can think of many potential uses for that one in particular. Thought perhaps your readers would be interested in checking out the website analyzer tool we built for in-house use. It’s now offered for free on our company website. We appreciate and encourage feedback so any suggestions are welcomed.

    We also have a few other free tools on our “Tools” (/tools/) page.

  8. Some great tools. I do find that some of the free tool can be limiting, but I guess if you use a handful of them together you can get some uselful info from them which will help you with your SEO efforts.

  9. If interested, there are more free online webmaster tools to try. Visit

  10. Nice post! but you fogot about mazecore –

  11. Fantastic post,
    thanks for providing such a wonderful list of tools,these are really resourceful for me.
    I have gone through the post and i really enjoyed reading it and the discussions above.
    Very informative

  12. Nathan Ketsdever

    This is a newer tool that sorts keywords by topic/subject. However, it doesn’t give actually traffic numbers (only bar graph approximations):

  13. There are two newer paid tools, which are available on a subscription basis:
    SEO Samba and

    I believe the later, is the less expensive of the two.

  14. Excellent post

    You may want to add this one too >

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