Calculating the ROI of a Lead

Calculating the value of a lead and Calculating the value of web traffic

Internet Lead Generation with SEO and Social Media

The nice thing about internet lead generation is that it can be 24/7 365 days a year. I’ve done a calculation here based on 5 days a week. The following (targeted traffic) is worth, in other words not just a bunch of junk traffic, but really targeted traffic based on terms that can generate conversions.

If you are in the real estate or legal area the pay per click costs are around $1.50 per click.

$1.5 x 100 = $150 per day
$1.5 x 200 = $350 per day
$1.5 x 300 = $450 per day

150 x 260 = 39,000 per year
350 x 260 = 91,000 per year
450 x 260 = 117,000 per year

Very important: these are academic estimates. Second, these traffic details aren’t particularly useful if you’re website doesn’t convert users to contact you or sign up for your email list.

What is a lead worth in your space? How do you calculate the value of an internet lead?


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