Best SEO Advice from Aaron Wall of SEO Book

A recent post at SEO Book points to the relationship between building SEO and Popularity online:

1. Be Popular, Or Appear To Be Popular

2. Create A Viral Message So People Spread The Word For You

3. Carve Out Your Niche, Focus On Quality And Building Critical Mass

Do the same thing as Google. How can you add value? What can you do that other guy is not doing? What can you give away that the other guy is selling? How can you be better that other guy? Figure out what your audience wants – ask them directly, if need be – and give it to them.

• Pick your niche and own it. Niche too competitive or too broad? Keep slicing it finer (go niche within a niche – e.g. rather than take on travel, become the biggest authority on Fiji) until you find space in which you can compete.

Make sure anyone searching that niche knows your name. Advertise on other sites in that niche. Appear on other sites in that niche. Figure out a way to lock people into what you’re doing. It might be as simple as encouraging them comment on your blog. The aim is to get them to remember you, to interact with you, to internalize your message, then to pass it on.

4. Build Brand


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