Just say NO to MacBooks for Work Productivity

Mac Book Review: Buyer Beware!
This is terrible!!! Safari, YouTube, and Microsoft Word do not mix. Its been annoying being a previously passionate user of Macintosh products. Actually I’ve been an Apple user for over 27 years–and a Mac user since they first came out and I know I saw the Lisa at trade shows (which predated the Mac), but I’m not sure if I used them (I was about at the time). For me to be incredibly upset with a product means that the product probably has issues.

I’ve posted on my blog to:

• Get this off my chest and get some degree of catharsis for the maddening level of craziness I’ve been through due to this issue
• To tell others to be wary of purchasing a product which has issues. Remember, I’m not a Mac hater, I’m actually a passionista.
• To help others who are experiencing this problem deal with the problem in an effective way.

I’ve done searches online to find solutions to my laptop’s memory getting all used up by Safari and its over heating problem. This overheating problem happens about 4 to 6 times a day and kills about an hour of productivity each day. (in fact I can hear the high hum of the fan right now). By that metric Steve Jobs owes me about $3650 to $7300 in wages.

• The alternative is to not get a MacBook and instead opt for a faster machine that costs a bit more.
• An additional option might be to purchase an older refurbished machine of one of the faster macs
• Still other options like purchasing a standard destop mac are also available
• Of course an air conditioner or high powered fan ($15 to 25) can also kick a lot of air
• There are some (possible) Apple Mac software solutions available at the Apple Store and most major office outlets (Office Town and Office Max I believe both carry solutions)
• I’ve used a $20 fan with some limited success.
• I just stuck it in the fridgerator for a couple minutes and that gave me some limited success as well

18 months this has functionally been a new Mac computer, this is ridiculous for a new computer to encounter such terrible problems with speed and productivity. Its kept me from doing work and its caused me to even loose data. I guess this is one way apple can ensure that you need to get an Apple Care program (I opted for no memory and that was a bad choice).

If Steve Jobs decided to put the Intell chips which are supposed to run a little hotter (I know now after my near $1500 purchase). Who knew that if I opted for an older model at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost I might have been in a better situation. Two lessons:

• Apple Macs aren’t always perfect and don’t always have solutions to your problems
• Newer isn’t always better
• Do more product research online before buying. (its an Apple Mac and I expect more)

Until this is resolved I will be bubbling a bit at Steve on the inside….until then maybe I’ll have to just identity with Baratunde.


One response to “Just say NO to MacBooks for Work Productivity

  1. I may try this solution next:


    This problem with Safari (and Firefox) not responding is simply getting out of control. Macintosh’s should be able to handle php and wordpress sites and not functionally cry and go home.

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