Paid internships for graphic designers, writers, and public relations and in Nashville

We’re Looking for a Few Great Interns in the Nashville, TN area….

I’m a Nashville native who does web strategy consulting and business development for companies in several industries. Don’t want to get stuck in a lame phone sales or office job? If you are still in college or just out of college and want to get paid to do what you are passionate about please email me your resume and a writing sample or two. I pay you $8 to $12 per hour for talented writers and designers that intern with me.

Who we are looking for responsible, passionate, and talented:

• writers
• copywriters
• web designers and developers (Got Php, drupal, photoshop or ruby on rails skills?)
• public relations majors
• creatives
• artists
• academic researchers
• smart and friendly people
• ethically minded and committed

Why you should work for us:

• We’re a Nashville based communications and creative firm
• These are creative position(s), not sales position(s)
• Paid
• Flexible
• Free training to market yourself and businesses

This is will start with minimal time commitments (5 to 10 hours per week) and can grow for great writers. It is not necessary that you get academic credit for this work, but its certainly a bonus. If you are a writer, designer, or creative please send me:

We look forward to hearing from you.


2 responses to “Paid internships for graphic designers, writers, and public relations and in Nashville

  1. Merissa Tomlinson

    I think I would be interesting in taking you up on your offer. I am currently a Sophomore/Junior Visual Communications student at O’More College of Design. I will get my resume together to email to you. If you need anymore information, please feel free to email me.

  2. Merissa Tomlinson

    Wow, starting out great with the writing skills! *interested

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