Tennessean.com on Twitter and Social Media

The Tennessean has an interesting story on Twitter:

Students used to put tape on the tops of their mortarboards to message relatives during graduation.

Forget that old-school move.

Vanderbilt University is encouraging students to document today’s commencement on Twitter.com, a social network where users share their lives in bursts of 140 characters or less. But with or without formal sanctioning, there’s barely a life event that someone doesn’t post on Twitter or other networking sites. Church services, legislative sessions, marathons — all end up dissected into bite-size updates for public consumption.

“It’s shifted the way we think of sharing experiences,” said Vanderbilt student Jared Degnan. “It’s an incredibly valuable resource, allowing you to share our thoughts, our experiences with each other and gives you a wider lens. It’s becoming a natural tendency for students who are very used to living their lives online.”

Don’t get twitter and want to know more or understand how to use this new social communciation medium? Twitter explained in one word can get you started understanding and using twitter.


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