KPIS for SEO campaigns

What are the KPIS for search engine optimization campaigns?

KPI #1: Engagement (as determined by time on site and comments)
KPI #2: Traffic (over time)
KPI #3: Rank (over time)
KPI #4: Conversion to RSS/email subscription
KPI #5: Conversion to download
KPI #6: Conversion to call
KPI #7: Conversion to sales

What are your key performance indictors for SEO campaigns?


One response to “KPIS for SEO campaigns

  1. Since my sites are e-commerce focused, primary KPIs are based on sales. Although some other valuable KPIs are unique visitors, repeat visitors, keywords per page (how many keywords result in serving a specific page), total keywords driving traffic. I do not rank-watch as much anymore simply because personalized search changes positioning by user.

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