Best Content Management Systems for Your Church or Nonprofit

Best Content Management Systems (CMS) Tools for Your Website

All three of the following are open source content management systems that are perfect for churches and nonprofits. The main appeal of open source CMS is low overhead and the flexibility of the open source community. For instance, open source is the reason why Firefox has a competitive advantage over other browsers like Explorer:


I personally think wordpress is the best content management system because it provides so many features and so much flexibility out of the box. Also, the community for WordPress is pretty tight which means you get lots of cool plug-ins, theme development, and support. Certainly you can pick Drupal, but its a beast to learn compared to WordPress. WordPress makes content management both productive and (relatively) easy which are the main features look for in a content management system. This is especially true if you are not a code junkie and dont want to be dependent on others to make changes in your website. Check out this report, if you would like a comparison between WordPress, Drupal, and other available CMS platforms for the nonprofit space.

Managing Church Donations and Non profit Fundraising
If you as a church or nonprofit have a need to add more ecommerce type tools to your website for contributions or fundraising, you can always add a Google checkout, Paypal payment, or similar widget to your platform. I wouldn’t restrict myself to content management systems which had the e-commerce plug-in built in.

Given that the plug-in tools are often free or very close–the need for an all-in-one CMS solution which waters down each of the components is not a forced choice due to 3rd party add ons and widgets. The only comparison I would make is the relative budgetary issues over the course of 3 to 5 years if your fundraising platform requires a percentage of your donations along with an expected calculation of your online donations.

Ultimately, for most small business needs, you will likely find that wordpress can serve your needs and then some.

50 Content Management Systems at Open Jason
10 Free Powerful Content Management Systems at Woork

What do you think is the best cms tool for churches and nonprofit organizations to use? What are the best third party tools for fundraising and donations?


2 responses to “Best Content Management Systems for Your Church or Nonprofit

  1. I would agree with you on WordPress. I have done several church web sites built on WordPress. The real beauty is its “back-end” simplicity for the church to manage their own content. It put the control of their content firmly in their hands and is as simple to edit as using MS Word.

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