How SEO Moz’s Rand Fishkin Gave Me “SEO Religion”‘

(Mr. Fishkin getting his hustle or grove or ?!?!?!? whatever !?!?!??!?! on : Tamar)

Or Everything I Learned about SEO I Learned from Rand Fishkin

One of the key search engine optimization blogs I read alot is SEO Moz. Rand Fishkin and his crew provide excellent analysis of the social media optimization and search engine marketing space. Here are some of Rand’s better blog articles he has written over the last couple months. It provides an impressive 21+ SEO tips and strategy articles from the SEO Moz blog and website. I hope they prove to be educational and helpful in your SEO journey–I know they’ve been helpful to me 🙂 :

Rand Fishkin on Keyword Research
Segmenting User Search Intent“certainly helps for creating a conversion funnel and website optimization.

Rand Fishkin on Link building and Development
In “21 Tips to Earn Links and Tweets to Your Blog Post” Fishkin delves into several helpful techniques for creating content that spreads and garners Google link juice (from the cold dead hand of the linkerati).

In “Catalysts for Earning Natural Links and Link Rate Conversions” Rand focuses on the role of the linkerati and focusing on their internal motivations to drive quality link development. (see also: ranking at the search engines)

In “21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic” Rand talks about leveraging analytics, speaking in a human voice, building a brand, and creating expectations and fulfilling them.

Blogging in an Oversaturated Market is Usually a Poor Decision.” Discusses niching your content and finding a unique content area to explore. Too many people make this fatal mistake (or at least realize it will take far, far, far longer to rank in this space with probably less ROI).

Rand Fishkin on Innovative and SEO Friendly Web Design
In “8 Innovative Design and UI Elements That Make Sites Better” he talks about tips like top level design narrative navigation, auto-scrolling content, conversion-funnel based navigation, dual tabs for filtering (and organization), and creating specialness for the user with unique beta invites. (see also great post by Rebecca on website design ROI and Oatmeal on web design and usability: great website footers)

In “17 New Rules for Successful E-Commerce Websites” Rand discusses important design elements for e-commerce websites to create better user experiences and ultimately far better conversion optimization.

Rand Fishkin on SEO News and Updates
Did Google Change SEO Yesterday” provides Rand’s insight into the recent shifts in the Google algorithm.

Rand Fishkin on Human Resources for SEO Hiring and Sourcing
The SEO Moz Hiring Process” is a great explanation for potential hirees of SEO Moz as well as SEO firms or non tech oriented companies looking to hire new SEOs for the purpose of bring SEO in-house.

Rand Fishkin on Strategy, Workflow, and Ethics
In “If I Could Go Back in Time and Give Myself Advice This Would Be It” Rand provides fantastic advice for SEO company owners and CEOs on vision, leadership, and strategy. Rand suggests a focus more on people and strategic vision and less on the nuances Google.

In “The 6 Goals of SEO: Choosing the Rights Ones for Your Business” Rand discusses 6 (possible) top reasons for creating a search engine optimization campaign including: raw traffic, lead generation & direct marketing, mindshare/branding, e-commerce sales, ideological influence, and reputation management.

In “Business Assets + Historical Tracking = Serious Value” Rand highlights some of the core questions webmasters and executives should look at in determining value for their company. Rand uses a SWAT analysis to provide an overall website assessment and strategic analysis.

How to Price an SEO Campaign” by Rand is another oldy but goodie. Rand provides some examples of pricing for upper end SEO services.

In “PPC Agencies Make 45x What SEOs Do for the Same Value” Rand provides insight into the ROI of SEO as well as comparative pricing for SEO services (vis a vis PPC).

In “Is social media marketing illegal” Fishkin talks about the issues of ethics and legality surrounding social media optimization with respect to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This is a critical article to read for ethical SEO principles.

Of course they cover a host of fundamental SEO issues including social media optimization, relocating a domain via a 301 redirect, harnessing the long tail of internet marketing, best practices for title tags, and best practices to avoid linking link equity.

Bonus SEO Tips Just for You
SEO Moz’s [rocking] search ranking factors study and Rands explanation of the Google algorithm are quite helpful for navigating some of the uncertainties associated with search engine marketing with Google.

If you want to look into the more technical aspects of search engine ranking, you might check out the on page SEO ranking tips and techniques from the whole SEO Moz gang (or rather the You Moz gang…opps). Finally, Danny Dover’s The Beginners Checklist for small business search engine optimization isn’t technically written by Rand, but I’ve thrown it into the mix for your education and enjoyment. (see also: SEO launch proposal and outline, everybody loves a web business checklist, and getting an entry level SEO job)

Rank also has some great posts about Moz Rank, Moz Trust, and the SEO Moz Pro tools that I’ll let my readers and decide for themselves about. Also “The Internet Marketing Handbook” is a great summary of some of the most helpful SEO resources, tips, and techniques available on the web according to the kind folks at SEO Moz.
Hopefully this guide will help you to go out and DO THE (Rand Fishkin) HUSTLE!!!!!!!!!!



3 responses to “How SEO Moz’s Rand Fishkin Gave Me “SEO Religion”‘

  1. I also read tons of stuff on SEOmoz as a new PRO member. The tools are great, although they sort of feel disconnected a bit. I’m not sure what the solution is, but it can be cumbersome going from tool to tool.

    Great post! This must have taken you 1/2 a day to write!

  2. Yeah….it was quite an undertaking. Thanks for your props Ryan. Great work at Pear Analytics.

  3. I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff.
    I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

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