6 responses to “My Favorite Recent Local SEO Posts from 2009

  1. that’s “shotland” but thanks for the link

  2. In the first article in this list, David writes that local SEO will become more and more of an important discipline. I couldn’t agree more – I’m seeing an increased interest in local search from both a business owner and buyer’s perspective.

    I appreciate you putting this list together, Nathan. It’s bookmarked, and I’ll probably be returning to it many times in the future šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Josiah. I’m glad you liked it. Yeah, Googles attention to local searches plus personalization, along with the types of searches that people make on mobile (often location based searches or nearby business queries) means that local seo will be quite big.

    I’m hoping to have a feature on HMS soon!

  4. Nathan Ketsdever

    I haven’t written on local SEO and thought I would add this update to the mix–it helps you identify local citations:

  5. Nathan Ketsdever

    In my research on local SEO I also ran across this:

  6. Nathan, thank you for this great article, I’ve read everything on the list and will definitely bookmark this page. As a local business marketer myself I found it very insightful and learned some more stuff around the SEO topic. I do agree with Josiah. SEO must not be taken lightly because it is such an important part of local business marketing.

    I hate it when people think that they can do SEO just once a month or just when they launch their business’ website. I found local SEO a really big thing for my clients and I am fortunate be one of the lucky ones to have my clients staying with me. I never stop learning about this topic and I think I’m addicted to articles about SEO and local business marketing. The more I can learn about it, the better service I can give my clients. Thanks again for this list Nathan.

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