Chinese Social Media and SEO Strategy

When creating a social media marketing strategy for the chinese market its important to think deeply about your audience. Once you have a search optimized content management system (CMS) in place like WordPress or Drupal you can drill down to the exact needs of your audience, how they tick, and how all that relates to your content strategy for SEO:

• First, an understanding of their wants, needs, and desires.
• Second, what types of searches does your target audience make? What nuances do their searches reveal about their intent? What do the trends reveal about their search behavior?
• Third, what are the types of visual
• Fourth, what types of social proof expect about your organization?

The next step in your strategy is to look at your competition. You want to take a step back and look at your competition like your potential customers view your competition.

• What is your competition doing to drive traffic?
• What are they doing to drive links?
• How are they winning in the search engines?
• What types of content on their site are most magnetic and appealing?
• How are they driving conversions?
• How are they positioning and branding themselves?
• Are they doing SEM, SEO, and PPC?
• Are they using community or social media optimization?

With these questions in hand, you can move on to outlining a course of action to more directly address the perceptions and needs of your customers. As you do your work you should probably focus on Baidu and perhaps Google and Yahoo. Baidu is the largest search engine in China, so it should be the large focus of your SEO efforts.

Next, think deeper about your search engine marketing in China.

• What is the asian market looking for?
• What are your four Ps? (Price, Produce, Place) For instance, what provinces do you serve? And what exactly are the problems you solve? Often, your visitors coming to your website will be coming with either a specific problem in hand or a branded product search. By addressing these two issues you can help optimize your website for search engines.
• Spend a lot of time thinking about what your products are and what your customers want and how your competitors are addressing these needs.

Deploy your strategy. Test your strategy with analytics like Google Analytics or Omniture and A/B test your results. Revise your strategy and retest your conclusions for the best search engine ranking, branding, and sales results.


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