Best SEO Book Videos by Aaron Wall

Here are some free SEO tutorial videos which will help you as you outline your search engine optimization strategy. I’ve provided some bullet points suggestions from Aaron which include fantastic tips, techniques, and strategies. Whether you are looking to increase SEO for your nonprofit, small business, or ecommerce site these smart SEO tactics should be extremely helpful.

Initially, Aaron Walls’ “Preparing & Planning for Internet Marketing Success” has basic, but strategic recommendations for building your brand and search engine ranking online.

• Pick a strong domain name
• Site name, site age, and site trust is key
• Build links to relevant sites and directories
• Create resources (aka link bait) similar to SEO Books tools and videos.
• For instance: blackhatseo ranks for domain name, domain age, and a couple of quality links
• Also, make it easy for the press to contact you
• Topical expertise is self-reinforcing
• Easier to establish it now in 1 hour vs. 4 or 30 hours later.
• Cost is minimal versus the potential reward

Aaron gives 7 reasons to start blogging now, here are 6 of them:

• Blogs easy to set up and maintain (WordPress)
• Many feedback mechanisms–so you can track your success.
• Easy to join the conversation
• Its easy to track how ideas spread (experiment. launch ideas and track how they spread) Aaron also explains RSS feeds and why to subscribe to them. Its important to remember: the web is one big conversation. You can join the community and create community marketing ideas, which can be quicker than yelling at people with adversing by building trust.
• Subscriptions via RSS can allow you to build audience and influence. One way messages spread is via aggregators like Techmeme.
• Blogs have many signs of social proof
• It does seem like they are reading

• Think about users and usability. Steve Krug wrote a great book about web usability and user center design called “Don’t Make Me Think.”
• Search-marketing
Dan Thies calls out specific groups, which converts far better than most
• Example: crop insurance services (ie no diversity–mix things up a bit)

• Need links in content
• Need call to action
• Call out who its for (specific)
• Heading with keywords (and mix it up with oder and natural sounding modifiers)
Wordtracker is a great keyword tool (they have free keyword offerings)

Quintura is a search engine which helps you mix in modifiers, which help you rank (for reasons of latent semantic indexing or LSI)
• Google tool
Google Keyword tool
• Look at legitimate authoritative web sites in your niche (match up)
SEO for Firefox is a free tool that provides great data
• Remember: mix it up with keywords, use bulleted lists, and subheadings
• Also, link back to past coverage of an issues. This drives more relevance for user and helps Google.
• Example: create a resource like a glossary
• Unless you are addressing specific sub audiences with individual pages, you may want to consolidate content.


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  1. thank you this video gave me an idea on how to manage my SEO.

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