Best SEO Videos from Aaron Wall at SEO Book

Links can give you authority, if you get authoritative links in your topic. They can also build your brand or authority. Also, media sites do the later.

For instance, good anchor text can help a great deal (ie Stuntdubl example as a collaborator) Further, directory links can help.

Seth Godin mentioned my book, which helped drive sales and credibility. Brian Clark re-wrote my sales letter, which helped and he recommended it. Also you can find people who linked at delicious.

Building links from authoritative sites can create self-reinforced ranking.

One great way to build links and search engine ranking is via public relations. Here is Aaron Wall’s video on using PR for search engine marketing.

PR campaigns target influencers and reach. Have to have a unique angle, contacts, and need good pitch.

This is a handy resource for doing PR.

One example is US pr with Mediashift and its coverage on (which is owned by Aaron Wall). Paul Graham wrote a story called The Submarine.

Finally Aaron concludes by pointing out that PR builds your brand. Its hard to replicate. And it builds on itself–or at least can build on itself.

Note: Aaron mentions buying links, however now Google looks on this as a tactic which can get your site penalized. It is not recommended as a strategy. Its not ethical and its counterproductive.

Look at your webserver (or Google analytics) for traffic to determine your future keyword strategy. Its easier to rank more for what you already rank for.

• Use wordtracker or related keyword tool. Dig deep into the long tail. (chocolate, chocolate gifts, corporate chocolate gifts) (chocolate recipes, chocolate brownie recipes) (white chocolate, white chocolate truffles).

• Look at competing sites and see how they organize it. Reverse engineer their successes.

• According to SEO Quake research lower trust sites can rank much easier for . Its easier to rank for unique or longtail search queries.

• Quintura shows related keywords–to find related phrases. Also check out the tools section of SEO Book. No one keyword tool is authoritative or silver bullet.

• Check out the free tools at Google like the Google keyword tool and the URL tool. (Google’s search based keyword tool)

• (as well as the free tool Spy Fu can help you do competitive research).

• Aaron also did a spreadsheet for keyword research for SEO. Remember:

Transactional-find, buy get, purchase, sell,
Informational keywords-tips, learn, ideas,
Price modifiers-discount.
Clothing keywords-sporty, comfortable
Also remember site numbers or brands or industry related jargon.
States of being and family relationships has an interesting and helpful site structure.
Time sensitive keywords are easier to convert
Compare one item or one brand to another. Guiding them toward conversion.


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  2. Thanks for sharing those great SEO videos from Aaron Wall. We’ve created a series of onsite SEO videos. Please check them out and let us know what you think.

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