Notes on Social Media for Missionaires

Here are my initial thoughts on social media for missionaries. I’ve written extensively on Church 2.0 at Compassion in Politics as well:

1) Aggregators (Alltop, Netvibes,etc)
2) Social bookmarking and Delicious (also tagging)
3) Widgets
4) Ning
5) Podcasting (iTunes and Transcription)
6) Wikis
7) Tangle (formerly Godtube)
8} WordPress
9) Flickr
10) Video (Vimeo, Blip TV, Vimeo, YouTube, and language specific)
11) Social News like Digg
12) Document collaboration like Google Docs

One response to “Notes on Social Media for Missionaires

  1. Being able to carry around sharable digital tracks (MP3s) on mobile or thumb drive may also be viable–depending on the city. Of course this only works with:
    1) helpful and compelling content
    2) a plan to share them quickly and easily and at low overhead cost
    A reason for people to actually listen to the tracks in spite of other options & attention & time demands.

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