Top Vertical Search Engines for Consumer Products

No matter the time of year, those in ecommerce and web marketing need to stay on top of vertical search engines in the shopping space. Fast Company reports in 2008 in an article entitled “Top Vertical Search Engines” that the most trafficked sites include:

Amazon – Not many people realize this, but Amazon is steadily developing into a search engine for almost any product you’d want to buy. Today, when I shop on Amazon, half the products I get delivered are not even sold by Amazon, but by one of their trusted merchants. Hmmm…sounds like they are nicely going from just a commerce site to a complete search engine for products. Not a bad direction on their part. They already have the brand, they understand the unique UI needed for product search, and users trust them.– Siva Kumr, CEO of the thinks that a pure focus on crawling commerce related products across the web and a great UI can make a big difference in product search. I tend to agree. His search engine is one that could give Amazon some heartburn in a few years.– Owned by eBay, this is a big ad network as well as a money machine when it comes to the volume of transactions that happen on the site. My only concern is that eBay tends to be slow in innovating their properties and care too much about near term results (something all public companies have to do at some time or another). We’ll see if they can keep pace with companies like and Amazon asI see a lot of competition in this space. Fortunately this can only be a good thing for consumers.

More recently, Anna Maria Virzi of ClickZ pointed to these vertical shopping shopping engines for search suggested by Bing and Federated Media:

… the top 10 search categories including vertical search (e.g.,, TheFind), federated search that involves searching deep into Web sites to find select databases (e.g.,,, and social search (e.g., OneRiot and iMedix).

Of course anyone considered with the digital marketing space would also check out iPhone applications for shopping and to improve their e-commerce SEO and conversion optimization (pdf).


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