40+ Common WordPress Features, Plug-ins, and Widgets

There is no shortage of WordPress plug-ins to make your blog easier to deal with, more engaging, and more social. Still other plug-ins help increase your productivity so that you can focus on your content development and business. Hopefully this list of awesome WordPress widgets, plug-ins, and features can help you (hopefully the fact that I mixed in premium/paid plug-ins can help make the list more comprehensive for readers and users.)

List of the Most Common Plug ins and Widgets
1) Popularity Contest plug-in (Popular posts)
2) Related post plug-in
3) (RSS) Really Simple Syndication (email and arguably category subscription–although not necessarily on the sidebar)
4) Tag and/or category widget (some like the globe plug in)
5) Comment Luv Plug-in
6) Akismet to curb comment spam
7) All in One SEO/Platinum SEO Plug in (Scribe SEO is paid)
8] WordPress mobile edition
9) WordPress database backup
10) Google translator
11) WordPress stats or Google Analytics
12) Google sitemap
13) Security plug-ins
14) Theme test drive
15) My SEO Status (paid plug-in $19 from Cleverplugins)
16) E-commerce plug in (paid) & Pay pal plug ins (both available from Code Canyon for $22)
17) WP-membership (paid plug in $27 from Code Canyon)

Bonus Features which Brand a WordPress Blog
1) Pullback corner on mouse over
2) Flash slider (picture animation, such as J Gallery which is $27–as well as Sexy Slide, Lightbox evolution, & UBillboard, but others should be available for free–at the very least Flickr is)
3) Quality contact form or other customer relations management (CRM) tool (Gravity Forms or Wufoo–both are paid solutions)
4) Tuggle.me as a scheduler (events Calendar pro is paid, but has a very slick interface and integrates with your Google Cal)
5) Facebook Group/Google connect (the former is better than the later)
6) Intense Debate (recent comments)
7) Top commenter plug-in
8] Share This
9) Poll daddy
10) Library thing (more important on personal consultant blogs, however can help with search optimization)
11) Feedback
12) Searchbox
13) Industry specific widgets and plug ins (for instance RSS from industry publications)
14) Flickr
15) Social bookmarks
16) Crowdsourcing & “Ask me” type plug-ins
17) Twitter updates (although, I’m not a huge fan)
18] Industry specific badges for social proof (for instance Associations and Certifications like the Better Business Bureau or local small business associations)
19) Google Voice (formerly Grand Central Station)
20) Video widget for an introduction
21) First time reader & welcome plug-ins
22) Post footer (for subscription or other offers)
23) Font replacement plug in (paid for $12 from Code Canyon) or you can purchase Font uploader (also $12 from Code Canyon)

You probably want to limit your blog to only 8 to 12 sidebar widgets–anything else may get too congested and ultimately erode the simplicity of your design. Ultimately, its about engaging, but not overwhelming your blog readers.

Please feel free to share this post with your friends who are WordPress designers and developers.


5 responses to “40+ Common WordPress Features, Plug-ins, and Widgets

  1. I like your blog, thanks for sharing this information…can’t wait to try some of them out.

  2. I wanted to add a couple:
    1) Gravity form (contact form)
    2) Post Google Map
    3) WP Tuner & PHP Speedy (speed of website & load times)
    4) Creating a static page to turn WP into a website/blog combo
    5) # of views, # of downloads
    6) subscribe to search (the search term the visitor came in on)
    7) Post slug
    8] Branded dashboard (WP-Custom Logins)
    9) Author introduction or Banner plug-in (puts banner after posts) or Header & Footer plug-in
    10) Custom created pages
    11) Super edit or another back end editor interface (like the admin plug-in Real WYSIWYG)
    12) Code colorer or WP syntax colorizer
    13) WP Plug-ins Tracker
    14) Non-plug in features: user interface/persuasive design & color scheme & pricing sheet & conversion optimization/funnel
    (A/B test pricing sheet)

    Small pull quote, Drop Caps or other layout.

    Heres a handy cheat sheet for PHP: http://www.addedbytes.com/cheat-sheets/

    Overall…make it easy to use & fun.

  3. Here are two additional plug-ins which are interesting & SEO related:

  4. This is a cheesy SEO plug in (the auto-bolding of your keyword just makes your posts look bad). I like the idea of a checklist, but the checklist doesn’t seem very helpful overall (its not based per se on the rules of SEO) . The keyword density functionality is interesting. Its too bad they didn’t team up with a decent SEO firm to make their plug-in better:

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