WordPress Design and Development by the Feature

We provide affordable and well designed wordpress development services to small and medium companies. We focus on real estate, lawyers, doctors, and photographers.

WordPress Design and Development Pricing

WordPress Blog Launch: $300 per blog
WordPress Premium Launch: $375 per blog
WordPress Blog Upgrade: $45 per blog
Premium Logo design: custom design quotes at bronze, silver, and gold levels

Premium Features for Your WordPress Website
Wordpress Widgets and Features $20 per feature
Other Premium Features (basic contact form, complex contact form, and CRM) $25 to 39 per feature
(paid widgets are extra)

WordPress Design, Development, & Consulting By the Hour
Wordpress design and development services $50 an hour. Strategy, content, design, and consulting for your WordPress blog by the half hour. Charged on the quarter hour. Minimum of a half hour.

We can also help with your social media, search engine optimization, and content layout and development needs. We hope we can serve all your WordPress needs. Please call us with your WordPress needs and questions. We look forward to talking with you and solving your web design needs. Just ask….


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