25 Web enabed business services

How can businesses use the web productivity and for profit? Here are some core web enabled services to help business:

1) Calendar and scheduling (personal, collaborative, and p2p)
2) Collaborative communication, creation, & project management
3) Design & process mapping
4) Multi-media creation & mixing
5) Budgeting, accounting
6) Real time data (and process tracking)
7) Data aggregation & filtering/sorting (content aggregation)
8] Translation
9) Product feedback, market research, and customer service feedback
10) Recommendation engine
11) Community of practice
12) E-learning
13) Forms
14) Menu of options (plug & play object oriented creation)
15) Customer relationship management (Salesforce & Sugar CRM)
16) E-commerce (including payment transactions and transfers)
17) Marketplace (Ebay, Etsy)
18] Crowdsourced answers (Linked in Answers, Yahoo Answers)
19) Data visualization
20) Content filtering/data filtering (ranking/prioritization)
21) Social gaming
22) Simulation
23) Automated feedback provided to your human user
24) Integration (Syncing)
25) Automation/Submission/Distribution

Think about these across industries & devices (web/mobile). Of course you could research the top software as service platforms and find more. You could also check out various plug-ins.


One response to “25 Web enabed business services

  1. Five other related ideas:

    1) Scorecarding & record keeping

    2) Virtual currency

    3) Legal compliance….but thats not a “service” per se….but more a benefit.

    4) Transparency

    5) Also all the benefits associated with “Flat Earth” like time shifting & lesser impact of geography.

    6) Targeted/customizable content

    7) Targeted ads (arguably a service, but not necessarily)

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