Is Twitter burnout coming soon in 2010 or 2011?

Seven Big Trends which Point to Twitter Growth in 2010, 2011, and Beyond

I can’t fully answer this question, but it does seem to have a upward growth trend. For instance, it recently received 28,353,704 unique visitors in September 2010 which is up over 3 million from a year ago according to It currently ranks #29 out of all websites on the internet globally. I would suggest 7 trends which point to increased growth:

1) main stream media & celebrity (entertainment)
2) application development (to make it even more useful)
3) the increase in use via marketing & public relations
4) political & advocacy efforts for nonprofits & social movements
5) mobile platform
6) the increase in use via e-learning and collaboration via enterprise 2.0
7) for fun use (and it kinda feels like a game)

Technology, media, and communication are all growing. People like to communicate & like to connect.


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