How to create a real estate website

Social media and the internet is exploding these days. With the advent of web 2.0 technology and platforms, businesses, including real estate agents can easily get an affordable website.

There are several platforms available. Initially, flash is one option. However, flash doesn’t give you the ability to control the content and also is incredibly hard (or rather nearly impossible) to rank in the search engines. Its not surprising then, that most flash based websites are forced to rely on pay per click advertising, instead of natural search results for their rankings.

Other platforms include Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Django, and WordPress. Increasingly it seems the real estate community, like the larger small business and entrepreneurial community is picking wordpress to host their websites. Why are real estate agents making this shift?

1) Content management–the ability to quickly and easily publish to the web. The user experience of WordPress is nearly second to none.
2) Customer satisfaction–Wordpress makes an effort to please and even delight their customers. They take their customer base from the New York Times to CNN to the local real estate agent very seriously. In fact, a host of Fortune 500 companies are using wordpress to host their content.
3) Search engine optimization–Wordpress makes it much easier to rank in search engines for key terms in Google and other search engines. They’ve done alot of the heavy lifting (or rather heavy coding for you). Even Matt Cutts of Google has remarked about the ability of WordPress driven websites to rank in Google.

How to get started:

1) Pick a developer.
2) Contact your chosen developer to see how they work.
3) Pick a look or style for your website.
4) Get your webpage designed and delivered.

WordPress is one of the best platforms for anyone wanting to publish on the web–including you, the real estate agent. I hope this has been helpful as you make decisions about the furture of your business online. If I can be of any further service in your real estate design, development, strategy, or marketing–feel free to contact me.


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