Social Shopping & Discount Sites Like Woot & Groupon: Alternatives, Clones, and Killers

Here is a list of Groupon and Woot clones and copycats which are created around group-buying, coupons, or discount offers (although some of them are quite innovative, so to call them clones or copycats may not be entirely fair. In the case of some of them they are competitors or alternatives to Groupon. Also, I believe some of them actually predate Groupon which would mean they weren’t copycats or clones):

1) Woot
2) Ideeli-exclusive and (aka by invite only) and for upscale fashion
3) to be discount consumer products (primarily brands) is a daily deal website, that offers a deeply discounted product everyday but gives you a second chance a 2nd day on “yesterday’s shnoop”. Everyday a new deal is introduced.

4) 1saleaday
5) Stuffbuff
6) New Deal a Day
7) Facebooks’ Buy with Friends
8] Google Offer (Google’s new so-called Groupon Killer)
9) Deal Pulp
10) Daily Steals-a little cheezy IMHO
11) On a Day Buys

Other Social Buying and Discount Websites
1) Groupon
2) Living Social
3) The Deal Map
4) Offer Mint (unavailable)
5) Cheap Today (focuses on Sears, Kmart, Target, Kohl’s, Calvin Klein, and Walmart. )
6) Deal On (Saavy Circle)
7) Offer Matic
8] At Cost-city by city
9) Groupful (not available)
10) Appsumo-is internet application and sofware deals.
11) Brads Deals

(source for info)

In addition there are a range of coupone sites like Love a Coupon, Coupon Tweet, Coupon Graavy, Coupon Printster. For further info on discounts and coupons you can find info at Deals.Alltop. You may also like this list of Woot Clones.


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