8 Principles I’ve Learned About SEO Content Strategy

Here is a summary of what I’ve learned about SEO content strategy over the past 3 years.

1) Great content: What does that mean?
-ideally original (original angle or original design/look)
-engaging to readers
-engaging to other bloggers in the space or in related spaces
-visually compelling (or otherwise multimedia)
-written in conversational language
-authentic as possible
-embedded in a story
2) Keyword rich (this isn’t keyword stuffing, its more about latent semantic indexing or related terms).
But keyword rich material can only get you so far.
3) Engage experts, rockstars, and influencers.

4) Social proof (to help conversion optimization)

5) High usability (to help conversion opitimization)

6) Tied to offline activities & other online marketing activities.

7) Sharable.

8) Findable
Put your best content available to all users as much as possible.


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